How to register for courses

You can register and drop courses through the Student Portal.  The Student Portal is accessed by logging into the Single Sign On site with your United credentials.  Once logged in, click on the Student Portal app.

In the Student Portal, click on the Register tab.

Use the drop-down boxes to select the course information you want to search on such as Term or Location.  Once you have selected your search criteria, click on the Search button.  Courses that meet your search criteria will be displayed.  On the far left column, click on the Add button to add a course.

After clicking on the Add button, click on Register at the bottom of the page.  You will be registered for the course.

This video will walk you through registering for a course: Registering for a Course

If you need help with registration, contact the Help Desk at or by phone at 937.529.2243


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