Clear your Cache

Sometime issues your are having in Canvas can be resolved by clearing your cache.  Symptoms may include the following:

  • You can login to the Single Sign On site ( but are unable to login to Canvas.
  • Screen freezes up while working in Canvas.
  • Get the error Invalid Login or Unauthenticated Token with trying to login to Canvas.
  • Pages display slower than normal.

Clearing your browser cache occasionally is a good practice to following even when you are not have any issues.  The following articles will show you how to do this:


Chrome Clear cache and cookies
Firefox How to clear the Firefox cache
Internet Explorer IE Help - see section Security and Privacy
Safari Clear you Safari browsing history
Edge View and delete browser history in Microsoft Edge
Opera Delete private data in Opera


There are many articles on the web as well.  Just search on "how to clear my cache".


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