Issues with uploading an assignment

If your are trying to upload and assignment and get the following error:

  • Screen freezes.
  • File doesn't upload.
  • Mac users the the "pin-wheel of death".
  • Message says the file is submitting but nothing happens.
  • You don't get the message "file submitted".  The file is not uploaded to the assignment.

What to do

  • Log out, empty your cache, log back in and try to upload the file again. Here is an article that may help:  How To Clear Cache in Every Major Browser
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date or try another browser.  Here is a good site to check your browser or download a new one: What browser am I using?
  • See if the file uploaded to your profile inbox.  If so, you can upload the file from there.
    • When you submit the file to the assignment, instead of using Choose file, use the ling "Click here to find a file you've already uploaded".  See if you can locate the file as it may have uploaded here.

Still no results?  Contact the help desk at or 937.529.2243

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