Creating videos in Canvas

There are a couple of ways to create and post videos to use in your course.

Canvas Media Tool

There is a built in feature in the Canvas text editor that allows you to create or upload videos.  To use this feature, click on the canvas-editor-video-icon.GIF Canvas Record / Upload Media.

Here is information to explain how to use this feature:

 Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite

Kaltura is a video management system that United uses to create, store, and edit videos. As a student at United you have access to Kaltura through your Canvas courses. You can create videos using your webcam or the built-in light weight recorder called CaptureSpace Lite.  You can also upload videos directly into Kaltura. To add new media, click on the kaltura-editor-icon.JPG icon on the editor toolbar. Use the Add New button, then choose from the options.

Note: The following videos are best when viewed in full screen mode.


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