Removing a co-principle from submission in Cayuse

To remove a Co-Principle investigator from a study, go to Cayuse IRB and open the study. 

Go to the Project Information section and remove the person from the Study Personnel.

If the study has already been submitted, one of the Co-Principal investigators will need to Return the study to the Principal Investigator.  Once "Returned" the Co-Principal investigator will be able to be removed from the study.  Once removed, the study will need to be certified again.

In the image below, Vivian Johnson or Sharon Ellis Davis are to be removed from the student.  One of them would need "Return" the study back to Kimberley Johnson.  Once returned, Vivian Johnson and Sharon Ellis Davis can be removed from the study by Kimberley Johnson.  The study would then need to be re-confirmed by the Principal Investigator.  The study would then be certified by the remaining Co-Principal investigators.




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