Course Evaluation FAQ's

Why does United have course evaluations?

Your feedback and comments are used to evaluate courses, programs, technology, and a host of other items.  Student input in the course evaluations give us the information needed to evaluate what we do and make improvements.

Course evaluations are also used in the accreditation process.  Accrediting agencies want to verify that students have input to the education process and that United has an ongoing program to evaluate and disseminate this information.

As an example, a few years ago, course evaluations showed that students wanted more engagement with other students, easier navigation of course material, and mobile access.  In response, United changed it's Learning Management System to Canvas.

Do I need to complete my course evaluation?

Masters level course evaluations are mandatory.  At the end of each evaluation a completion code is given.  Students are to enter this code in the final course assignment to verify completion of the evaluation.

How do I complete the evaluation?

You will be sent a link to the evaluation near the end of your course.  Click on the link to display the evaluation in your browser.  Once you complete all the questions, your evaluation will be submitted.

Many evaluations will give you a completion code.  If your course has an assignment associated with the completion of the evaluation, you can use this code to verify completion.

Are the evaluations anonymous?

Yes.  Faculty and administration are given results only after final grades have been submitted for the course.

If I enter a completion code, won't my professor be able to know submitted the evaluation?

No.  The completion codes are a means to show to the Assessment Office that you completed a survey (via the assignment) and verify that the code is valid (entering a code that was not issued would result in an invalid reading).

They also can be used to provide a "count".  A specific number of codes were issued and that same number of codes were entered in the final assignment for all courses.

When the evaluations are compiled, the completion codes are no longer needed and are removed from the data by the IT department.  When the evaluations are distributed, only the content of the surveys are used.

Who sees the evaluation responses?

Course evaluations responses are reviewed by the administration, distance learning, assessment office, and faculty.  The IT department reviews the portion of the evaluations that specifically pertains to technology.

Do all courses have evaluations?

No.  There are a few courses such as seminar and colloquy courses that may not have an evaluation.  If you have a question on your course, please contact

For support, contact onlinehlep@united for any of the following:

  • Course evaluation questions.
  • You didn't get an email with a link to your course evaluation.
  • Technical issues relating to your evaluation.

I made a mistake on the evaluation.  Can I start over again it?

Yes. Contact to get a new evaluation link.

How long do I have to complete the evaluation?

Evaluations are open for responses until about two weeks after the course ends.


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