As on online student, your web browser will be a key factor in your interaction with United. It is important that you choose a good browser, have the most current version, and keep it clean.

If you have questions about your browser or the version, you can use the following sites:

Since you will using your browser frequently, it's a good idea to be familiar with how to use it efficiently.  This web site will give you some basic information about using a web browser:


Browser options

Article in the Canvas guides:  Which browsers does Canvas support?

There are many browsers to choose from. Although any browser will work with United Online, some work better than others. We encourage using Firefox as it seems to display pages better and works well with all course functions and activities. Google Chrome is another good browser.  To compare browsers and get more information, visit Wikipedia's Comparison of web browser's article.

We suggest you have more than one browser installed on your computer.  At times, you may run into technical problems that are browser related.  Having a "backup browser" installed will allow switch to another browser and keep working.

Browsers you can download:


Keep your browser running clean

Keeping your browser clean will help you to maximize your online learning experience. A basic way to achieve this is to delete your Internet cookies, browsing history, and cache on a regular basis

The following articles are helpful:


Improve your efficiency with time saving shortcuts

Many of our students like to have multiple tabs open on their browser while they work.  This would allow you to jump back and forth between the open sites.  An example of this would be to have United Online, your United email, and the Student Portal all open at the same time.  You could also work in your online course and have several research sites open as well.  If you aren't familiar with this feature and would like more information, review this article on Tabbed Browsing.

Most browsers will use the short cut Ctrl + T to open a new tab or Command + T for a Mac.  There are many other browser short-cuts that you may find useful as an online student.  This article, 47 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in All Web Browsers, gives a good summary.


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