Webex authorization error when using Webex Meetings through Canvas

If you get the following error message when access Webex Meetings through Canvas:

"Your webex account authorization has expired. Please re-authorize webex"

Try the following steps:

  1. Access the Cisco Webex link in any of your Canvas courses. Click the Virtual Meetings tab if it doesn't automatically open.
  2. In the top right, next to support, click the Log Out button  Log out (it should look like a rectangle with an arrow in it).
  3. Click Sign in with Webex Meetings.
  4. Enter your Webex Meetings credentials.
  5. Accept the permissions request, if prompted.

You have now reauthorized your Cisco Webex account in Canvas and should be able to access it again.

If you are still having issues, clear your cache, close then reopen your browser and repeat the steps.

Contact the help desk at onlinehelp@united.edu if there is no change.





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